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Virgin Media are crap, rubbish, hopeless, pathetic


crap customer service?My opinion formed during 6 months of having Virgin Media installed is that they are crap, rubbish, hopeless and pathetic.

Virgin Media what are you for? Apparently not to provide any kind of reliable service as your engineers have had to visit us at least 7 times since service began.
I have the lot, phone, broadband and tv. This morning nothing, neither a dial tone, nor a flicker. No internet, no email. Contacting Virgin Media to tell them is where the real frustration begins. Fortunately my mobile phone is with another provider or that may also have no service. Without your Virgin Media phone you need to dial 0845 454 2222 and this number, of course, costs from a mobile, but needs must yet after minutes talking to an automaton and of pressing endless buttons and being told there was no fault on the line I was informed that I would need an engineer, AGAIN.
Unfortunately the engineer would not be able to call for 3 days!!!  Oh joy, no phone, no tv and no broadband for at least 3 days until an engineer calls, and if he can’t find a problem …
How much is it to buy myself out of the contract?


  1. Jane

    Virgin media are the worst company I have ever dealt with.
    Numerous problems with service going down.
    Left without TV, Broadband for 6 days. Ordered a phone line, only to be told I can no longer have one as part of the deal I wanted. I could go on and on. I have had an inconsistent service since I joined. I was with Sky for 20 years and had BT broadband before and never had an issue over the years I was with them. I intend to go back. I can’t wait for my contract to end in November. I’ve made a date in my diary to call exact 30 days before.
    Never again.
    Oh!…and Virgin mobile OMG!…just as bad…never ever will I touch Virgin products or services.

  2. seduraed

    Sorted ~Got a call from a nice person at complaints and they have, on this occassion written the amount off .

  3. seduraed

    Well this seems par for the course . ~I am just waiting for the local exchange to be upgraded to infinity. Once that is done we’ll be off. Orange look like a good bet . What I have seen of the industry, the customer service is shockingly bad all over .

  4. Paul

    What a load of rubbish, I have constant problems with TV and broadband, fed up with complaining time to pull the plug, not just on Virgin but all extortionate media costs, fed up with paying for a service I don’t receive.

  5. fred

    well after having the cable installed across my driveway some10 ft that ntl would not cross at their own expense 10 years of pretty good broadband via virgin media commenced fair enough we had the odd glitch but nothing to serious, the broadband has been dropping out for five minutes three to four times a day for the last year and more recently since the engineers upgraded us a to 50meg broadband, when are VM going to expand the infrastructure they never seem to bee seen to be improving the network always tinkering with the green boxes as a stop gap to customers problems ands never really chasing down a fault successfully so that the fault never returns. I have just about had enough of this incompetence and even though we paid out to have the cable installed in the driveway at the moment I’d gladly give it all up for a broadband connection that stays connected for more than 2 hours in one go.

  6. J Smith

    I had issues from day one i subscribed as the price looked good, I then received a call from my former operator offering a better deal to stay as i had no problems i decided to stay and asked virgin to cancel my services. on 28/dec under 28day cancellation. Needless to say this wasnt done and now stuck with 12 month contract negotiated with Exec team as the insisted i had not called in at all. Their offshore team are appaling and the attitude once under contract is poor. Not as nice to deal with as when you are signing up to them. Moral of the story dont change to tese clowns. I hear people slag off TalkTalk they were my previous operator and i was only moving to consolidate the bundle to one. TalkTalk listened to my being stuck under contract and i have an offer on account to cover until virgin goes off. Virgin attitude your under contract live with it.

  7. gary beck

    Can anyone help before I go out of my mind with this poor abysmal excuse for a company. My house phone has a fault. According to the vm website service is good so I tried every number I can find (6 phone call in all) they all lead to the same bloody options. After going through the 15 selectikns to get to speak to an agent the call simply disconnects every single time. Can anyone help before I lauch the pbone through nearby window PLEASE!!!
    a direct phone nr or email address would be great I HATE Virgin with a passion!!

  8. Ross

    When Virgin Media’s head of internal communications even admitted in public that the cable company has a history of “crap service” it should have been a warning to steer clear of this outfit. My experience as a customer confirms they haven’t changed or improved either… 2014…Erratic unreliable Broadband and “Rude” Customer Non-Service who insist on making appointments to send “Phantom Engineers” who “NEVER EVER” turn up, as the problem is a Virgin Media System fault, and nothing to do with customer’s setup. To chief executive officer @ Virgin Media… It’s time for a Major Shakeup at Virgin “Mad”ia as I theeenk your so called engineers are creating more problems than they are fixing.

  9. Malcolm Stretten

    All I can say to the above negative reviews of Virgin Media is ‘DITTO’.
    A total waste of time and space.

  10. Jeremy

    Try at least 40 times the entire time I’ve had to use them.

    Wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, got told once you can’t rely on a residential connection! WHAT? Can’t believe I heard them correctly. So even a person that might work for a company from home would lose their job quite possibly?

    *facepalm* my first instinct was to contact ofcom they’re looking into this.

  11. admin

    Hi Simon
    Sorry to hear of your problems. I’m not sure they could have “blocked” your Outlook Express though.

  12. Simon

    I changed to Plusnet a year ago because Virgin Media are so bad, they still think I’m a customer , they sent me an email saying that ntlworld email addresses were being deleted, fine but they have blocked me using my Outlook Express program on my computer, this has to be illegal? I will never, ever buy anything branded Virgin ever again.

  13. FED UP

    Virgin media is totally without honesty. They dont follow up what they say they will do.They have reinvented the merrygoround its now called customer services via India.

  14. vinny

    they ncap after u use more than 1.2gb in a night so if you watch a streaming movie or download an adobe product for example dreamweaver then you will be capped thats why ur speed is up and down.

  15. tony singh

    Virgin Media are the worst company to deal with.
    I was £10 over their £150 credit limit, they turned off everything including broadband. My payment is normally made on the 28th & on 26th they turned off everything. I complained, they wouldn’t listen. I told them to cancel they refused to do so due to outstanding balance. 2 days later I paid the os balance & gave cancellation
    notice. The refused to cancel saying there was 10 months left on contract. Perplexed I told them I had never renewed any contract & had to threaten court action, speak to supervisor before they accepted cancellation. Finally I was free of the leeches. BT service is a lot better.

  16. a treacy

    i had virgin and had the lot, nothing worked properly and i had to keep reseting my broadband constantly,, the internet speeds were up and down, so slow at times i gave up. and this was on the big package. I NEVER HAD PROBLEMS WITH BT!! so we when back to them.

    virgin media are a rip off!! thay took money out of our acount even when we was up to date. and gave us hidden charge’s in 8 month’s we spent around 600 pounds!!! so we told them to stick it!!


  17. admin

    Update 2 – Day 3 engineer number 8 turned up, said hello then disappeared for 10 minutes. When he returned the phone was reconnected and working, he said goodbye and left.
    All very sad, but all systems go … until the next time, which I’m sure, won’t be long.

  18. admin

    Update – I keep checking the phone and broadband. Having re-booted router several times I finally got broadband this morning. Still no phone …

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